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How to use the map and restaurant search?

The map displays all the restaurants in your immediate vicinity:

  • Orange pins mean that the wine list is already loaded to the app.
  • Grey pins mean the wine list is not loaded.

If a restaurant’s wine list is not yet loaded to the app, you can easily do a manual upload (main map > options > post a wine list), or take pictures of the wine menu.

You can also search for both restaurants and places (city, street, postcodes) using the search field. Wine Picker allows two types of searches:

  • Go to a specific place by selecting it from the auto complete propositions.
  • Find a list of matching places, ordered by distance by using the validate button of your keypad.

An alternative to the map is to use the list, which in combination with filters, is a powerful tool to help find the perfect dinner for you.

To return to your current location, just tap on the map pin in the search field. You can also switch to both friend and wine searches by tapping on the food icon in the search field.

How Price, Rank, Wine Rating and Food Match work?

The following elements are the key to wine selection. They are found in the Top 5 wines and Wine details screens:

Price is the price in a given restaurant.

Rank is the main measure of Wine Picker. It is a refitted measure of how a wine compares to another set of wines in a specific establishment. Refitted, because the best wine out of 5 will always have a rating of 10 and the 5th a rating of 1. This does not mean the 5th wine is terrible, it simply indicates that out of the 5 wines it ranks lower, the distance of the wines in between indicates if they are closer to the top or the bottom wine.

Wine Rating is the wine rating given by both experts and users to a wine. For more details on how to rate a wine, please look at the Help section in Tasting Notes.

Food Match indicates how well a wine pairs with the available food selection at a restaurant. If you have entered more than one dish, Food Match will determine the average. Single matches can be found in the Wine Details screen.


Is it important to enter dishes?

Yes, it is extremely important. This will let the app find the best wines for your based not only on value, but also on how well the wine pairs with food. We recommend trying to be as accurate as possible. For example, a pasta with tomato sauce will pair with a different wine than a seafood pasta.

How to find and invite friends?

To search for your friends, go to the main screen Map, and switch the search to Friends by tapping on the dish icon on the right hand side of the search bar. This screen can also be accessed from Profile > Friends > Search Friends icon in the top right.

Friends can be invited to Wine Picker from Facebook, Google plus, or simply by entering their email address.

How do I search for wines?

To search for wines, go to the main screen Map, then switch the search to Wines by tapping on the dish icon on the right hand side of the search bar.

Once in wine search, the list is auto-updated as soon as you type in the information. You can search for any type of information relating to a wine: Region, Country, Vintage (vintages need to be entered in full), Producer.

The search is also accessible from Profile > Wines > + Bottle icon on the top right.

Can I find restaurants serving my favorite wine?

Yes, you can do reverse search by selecting a wine and typing Find. By default, the app shows the restaurants close to you but you can customize your search to a specific city, address or zip code and the app will display the restaurants near that location. Locations can also be mapped using the Map icon on the top right.

Tip: make sure you call the restaurant and confirm with the sommelier that they have the wine in stock.

What if the wine is missing?

Although we do our best efforts to keep the wine lists updated, it is possible that the wine you selected is missing (wines and vintages do run out). In that case, just ask the sommelier if they have an equivalent and tap on the Wine Missing icon so that next time we don’t suggest it.

How to create a tasting note?

Leaving tasting notes every time you try a wine will help you remember what you like and improve your knowledge.

Tasting notes are accessed either by selecting a wine from a restaurant and tapping on Add to My Wines or finding a wine through the Wine Search and selecting Add Tasting Note. For every tasting note, try to leave a rating in addition to a short note describing your impressions of the wine. If you need help scoring a wine, please use the Help section. In the Help section the percentage in the orange paragraph represents the position of the Wine Rating compared to other wines. It is generally simpler to think “this wine ranks in the top 30% of wines I’ve tried” than in scores. For example a rating of 91 represents a wine that is better than 80% of the wines rated in Wine Picker

Where can I find my tasting notes?

Tastings notes will appear in both posts under your profile as well as in Profile > Wines > Tasting notes. The full tasting note can be opened by tapping on the text, allowing you to review the likes and comments. Details on the wine can be accessed by tapping on the wine’s name and image. To edit or remove a tasting note, open the note in full and use the message options on the top right “v”.

How do I manage my cellar?

The cellar is where you can keep a record of the bottles you have at home. It is found under Profile > Wines > Wines in My Cellar. Tapping on the details (Number of bottles / Drink In / Price Paid / Value Now) you can access full view, including the list of all your tasting notes associated with the wines in your cellar. From this screen and using the option wheel on the top right, you can also edit the details such as the number of bottles in your cellar, and adding new tasting notes.

Editing the core information like the number of bottles can be done without entering a tasting note (although we recommend making a new note every time you have a bottle to see how your wine is evolving).

How to recommending a wine?

You can recommend wines to friends by sharing tasting notes. This can be done at any time by using the Share icon. You can find wines that have been recommended by your friends in Profile> Wines> Wines Recommendations. Tapping tasting notes on the wine and image will take you to wine details, while tapping on the text will take you to a friend’s post. Once in your friend’s post you can comment or like the recommendation. Recommendations can be removed using the “v” edit button.

Can I add a wine list?

There are two ways to add or update a wine list.

  • Post the wine list to Wine Picker

In the main options screen, select Post a Wine List. Find the restaurant you’re looking for and tap on Enclose Wine List. This will send an email to the address. Just answer the message and enclose the wine list. The app will take care of loading it for you. Please note: this takes up to 2 hours.

  • Take pictures of a wine list

Another easy way to upload wine lists is by taking pictures of it. This can be done by selecting the camera icon and taking one or more pictures of the wine list. Take extra pictures by typing on the Camera button. Review pictures by tapping on the Pictures icon. You can always retake the picture if you’d like to improve the quality. Make sure your pictures are in portrait format, clear, well-centered and don’t use flash. If there is not enough light ask a friend to light up the menu for you using his phone as a torch. Upload the pictures for analysis using the Upload button. The server will try to read the wine list and return the top 5 wines for you.

How do I use food-wine pairing?

This by default takes you to the Food to Wine match.

Switch to Wine to Food match using the Switch button on the top right.

How do I post to friends?

To post to friends just add friends to the post, using the Friend icon. It will automatically post on their wall.

What media can I add on a post?

The first thing to note is in Wine Picker, almost any interaction is made through a post. For example Tasting Notes and Wine Recommendations are posts. You can write almost any type of post by going to your profile and tapping on Post. This will open the Post page.

The friend icon allows you to add friends to a post. This is how you would post on your friend’s profile.

The bottle icon allows you to add a wine to your post. Please note: only a single wine can be added at a time. This will add all the wine’s details to your post as well as a clickable link to the wine.

The camera icon allows you to add a picture either through your phone’s picture library or by taking a photo using your phone’s camera.

YouTube videos can be added by pasting the link of the video in the post. Note that only YouTube videos will provide previews. If there is more than one link only the first link will be available as a preview.

URL links can also be added in the post and will be clickable.

You can edit or remove your post by using the edit button “v” on the top right of your post.

How to manage your groups?

Public groups: everyone can access and post.

Private groups: only approved participants can see the messages posted in a private group and posts have to be approved by the group administrator before beingposted.

To post on a group, just use the Post icon. It works exactly as other posts. To manage your groups, go to the Group screen in your profile (Profile> Friends> Groups).

From there you can:

  • Deactivate: this will remove all the posts from your feed.
  • Activate: this will resume your participation in that group and put back all the group messages on your feed.
  • Leave: you completely leave this group.
  • Delete: remove a group that you created. Please note: this is not reversible.

Create a group:

  1. Go to Groups in your profile (Profile> Friends> Groups).
  2. Open the Group search screen (top right icon).
  3. Tap on the Create Group icon (+group icon).
  4. Enter the group name, image and type.

To tell your friends and invite them to join the group, just write a message and tag them. They will get a link to the group name and the name of the person who invited them.

Manage a group as admin:

  • For public groups no management is required, only group options are proposed.
  • For private group the group admin has to approve new members and member posts.

To change the administrator write an email to with:

* Group name

* Current administrator

* New administrator

We’ll do everything for you.

To find and subscribe to groups go to Profile> Friends> Groups

How to share restaurant details with a friend?

Rather than copying the details to your favorite messenger, copy all the restaurant information to the clipboard using the Download Information icon on the top right corner of Restaurant Details.